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Host Team Responsibility

By-Laws Article VII: Host Team Responsibility

Section 1: The Host Team will provide three hard-surface courts (not clay, grass, omni or modular) for the day’s play. The court time available for play must be continuous; otherwise, the host team will forfeit the court or courts involved.

Section 2: The official ball of the WITL shall be Penn, Wilson, or Dunlop optic yellow, heavy-duty felt, for hard court surfaces only. No balls stamped or labeled “Practice” shall be used. Any over-sized or experimental balls are not allowed.

Section 3: The Host Team will post the scores and the line-ups for all courts via the Website. The score must be posted in the Website within forty-eight (48) hours after play. Failure to comply with this rule may result in loss of points to the host team (see By-Laws, Article V, Section 3). Copies should be kept by both captains in case of discrepancy, loss or tie at the end of the season. Signatures of both Captains or their Designees are required on both scorecards.

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