Advertising Guidelines
Women’s Interclub Tennis League Guidelines for Website Advertising The WITL Website hosts 123 teams, with approximately 1500 women tennis players in the Phoenix area accessing information on a weekly basis. In addition, board members and captains have access to each person’s email address. Frequently, both individuals and organizations request use of our website to make announcements, advertise or otherwise further their message to our tennis players. The WITL board recognizes both the opportunity provide useful information and the need to restrict annoying advertising on a website that members pay to use. With this balance in mind, we will abide by the following guidelines: 1) Email use will be restricted to only information necessary to Interclub play. That includes any information about mandatory meetings, changes in schedules, and captain contacts for individual matches. It will not include any information or notices about anything other than WITL. 2) The website homepage has an area for both “message center” and “latest news”. The “latest news” area should be reserved for WITL-specific news, similar to the email restrictions, that apply to the entire league. 3) The “message center” area can be used in the following manner: • Any message that supports or furthers the game of tennis can be considered for addition. • Any message that is not-for-profit can be considered for addition at no charge. • Any message that is for-profit can be considered for addition for $100/month, beginning upon payment, within a specified time frame.
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